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Before getting Haruto from compensation mail, I  had Haruto that I recruited him (when I'm lv55), my old Haruto lv54 with full equipments, S.weapon and almost full accessories. After using Haruto in compensation mail, I had 2 Haruto in my line up but when I refresh the game, i lost my old Haruto(all equipments, S.weapon, accessories equiped in him lost too), and I have only New Haruto (lv1)
Please check the bug and give me my Haruto (and gears) back
Server: S1 - ninja
IGN: Mason Doma Giles
2014-6-26 01:02

Me too

Server 1
Name: PinOu

Sans titre.png
2014-6-26 11:44


Did u guys get compensation yet?


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