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That Panda O.o!

He Looks kewl ! thoughts on new hero for HoC to come ?
I wonder if he hits like BC O_O that would be awesome but if he hits like KoB hmmm still okay I like his skill that rage take away   hahaha might go well with a zerker team.

he will be on the HoC starting on 15th


It depends how his skill upgrades and how it works i can see potential in him.  I don't think he'll really shine until he has a +10 skill level and/or possibly an evolved form.  (mejo doesn't have a hero with a +10 skill yet)

He seems like he would be a good tanks but I don't know if he has a better survivability than KoB or Dark Paladin.  

How I'm seeing his skill works in my head once +3 skill, he'll reduce 27+ rage from a targets.  Which can be handy depending how the fight works out.  

Eh I'd consider using him once we can use 5 heros, or I find out more information about it
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Reply 3# Tokkie

for me he is better than than Kob/dark paladin , i dont like hp shields , and for dakr paladin the HP he can recover from skill isnt anything special , i like more heroes like valk or this new for tanking with % dmg reduction . But about this new heroe i like it , if land the skill the reducing rage can be a real pain and agree the real deal is knowing how it will improve with blessing , for the 5th heroe , is called auxilar heroe or support , after your first heroe die the auxiliar/support spawn on his place


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Reply 4# gavareth

    That's the 6th hero, the 5th hero would allow a full party of 6 people, but I'd imagine that's a long ways away.  The 5th Hero is more realistic in the future that the 6th hero whatever they refer it to as.

The HP shield and Damage Reduction work differently each have their uses, the thing that's makes the Paladin slightly better is that it only requires 75 rage rather than 100 rage compared to KoB or DP.

DP is a bit more durable than KoP because he has a healing feature also.   But just for shield wise it's based off their max HP, starting wise it's 21% and in order to damage some one with a shield you have to do destroy the shield.  So you're kinda having a free heal depending how damage is dealt or you can think of it as preventative damage.

While I agree isn't anything special from DP, but it's based on the amount of damage he does, so if you want a decent heal for him you need him to starts hit the target and other than that boost up his damage.  Which then it depends on the number of targets he can hit at once.

So shields are very handy in my opinion.

Tank wise I think the DP, KoB is better.   Though their weakness is the 100 rage requirement on their ability.  

While I do like damage reduction, it depends if his skill increases the damage reduction or not and in order to really utilize his damage reduction skill is having him use his ability as often as he can, so greater than every 4th turn with no assistance gaining more rage.

I'm not expecting Panda to be a super tank, but rather than a utility tank because of the rage reduction, which depending how it works/  Meaning does it only work on 1 character or all the characters it hits.
IGN: Tokkie
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